Plenty of Goods are Protected by Glass-Coating


It is a glass coating specialty shop GLATION in Akihabara.

This time We made glass-coating for a Tie!
When glass-coating is applied to clothing products such as clothes and neckties,
Water repellent effect is going to works.

So even if you spill wine or sauce on a shirt or tie
You can get dirty with a quick wipe.

We recommend the merit of glass-coating ♪
The glass-coating
There are a water repellent effect (there is no need to use water-spray many times), and it also becomes hard to get scratches.

Objects include accessories, shoes, glasses, wallets, golf clubs, etc.
Everything is possible.

The targets will be done by professional shops
Glass-coating helps your goods keep their appearance is new all the time,
Even if your things is not new anymore, Glass-coating can also return to the beautiful state by filling up scratches.

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