Dirt Prevention for High-Class Goods

Hello everyone,
It is Glation in Akihabara, specialty is Glass-coating.

In winter, wearing suede shoes is becoming trendy for many people. Suede is cute with warmth, but suede is easy to get wet and turn into dirty in rainy days.

When decided to get a suede shoe, it’s mean:
· Brushes for suede
· Nutritional spray for suede
They are both needed for keeping your suede shoe clean.
Also, there are some situations that it gets dirty just by wearing it once.

For people who want to enjoy the fashion of suede shoes without troublesome care
I’d recommend a glass coating!

When glass coating is applied, a thin invisible film is formed,
Water repellent effect, dirt will become difficult to attach, even if it gets dirty, just wipe quickly to get rid of dirt.

Stains can not be done even if it is immersed in coffee for 5 minutes is also done! ! !

Besides that, it is possible to be done for many things including leather shoes, leather bags, mobile phones and so on.
Please try♪