Good Points of Appyling Glass Coating for Smart Watches

Carefully Applying one by one!

Our service is a service to apply nano glass coating which applied bulletproof glass technology.
The hardness of nano glass coating is three times stronger then normal high-grade tempered glass film, so it could be called “ painting glass”.
By applying glass coating for your game machine, not only the screen becomes difficult to crack, but various effects can be obtained.

There are Eight Good Points of Applying Glass for Smart Watches!

Hardness Up to 9H

Based on the technology of bulletproof glass, nano glass coating can increase the hardness of game machine glass up to 9H with the same hardness as sapphire glass. With a hardness of 9, it will hard to crack with a cutter such as a knife. In addition, if the screen have a few scratches, liquid of glass enters and blocks the scratches.

Touching is Smoother

Nano glass is liquid glass so it enters small invisible bumps on the glass surface of the smart phone so it makes the glass a more beautiful and smoother. In addition, because the glass is meshy, it can prevents from slipping too much and dropping off.

Anti-fingerprint Effect

As we said nano glass can fill in invisible bumps, there are few irregullarities, sebum, etc, are difficult to enter and fingerprints get attached。

Water Repellent

One of the features of the Glass Coating is high water repellent. Water resistance is provided in the case of iPhone 7 or higher generation , but there is a risk of being submerged because it is not waterproof, but because glass coating solvent has a feature that can repellent water so it is really difficult to be submerged.

Gloss Up

The nano glass is the liquid so they can enters form in the uneven gap on the surface, so the glossiness is increased by the surface.

Antibacterial Effect

Install glass for game machines, it can helps the game machines have Anti-bacterial effect. It is effective against some of the malignant viruses that affect to human body. And because Coating included prevention from cracking, so you do not need to worry when your children are playing with the game machines。

Scratches Prevention

Because the liquid glass can be applied to all materials other than stretchable rubber, it can be applied regardless of the color, materials such as track pad, controller, resin part of the appearance as well as liquid crystal part. And the surface is covered with nano glass, so it can anti-scratch surface of scratch-resistant resin part.

Even on curved surfaces

The smart watch is a round edge design front panel, so you can imagine that it will come off if it's a type of protection, so if it's a glass coating it's a liquid so it can handle a variety of curves.

About Price

The Main Part 3000円

Antibacterial, Deodorant, Electromagnetic Wave Cut 1000円

※The effect of glass coating will lase for about 3 years or even more.
※If you install glass for repeatedly the effects can be stronger than installing one time.
※Installing glass for smart phone takes about 15 minutes。
※Glass coating can be applied to all kinds of goods such as Android products or glasses.

What is Glass Coating?

Recently, Smart watch and Apple Watch are indispensable when doing exercise, but protective film and protective glass are not be sold・・・
You want to use the watch as long as possible with care, but there was not any specifically products to protect the watch.
And now w have Glass Coating!
Glass Coating is the thinnest coating ( about 0,003mm) by applying a special liquid glass to a smartphone. The glass coating completely hardens in about 20 days after application and reaches a hardness of about 9H.
The surface of the smartphone will be protected by tempered glass, and the screen will become more difficult to crack or scratched.
Besides, there are various things such as becoming water repellent, making it difficult to get dirty.
The installation time of the glass coating is as short as about 5 minutes to 15 minutes, and once it has been installed it will last for over 3 years, so it can be used for a long time.
(※In GLATION brand, we are allowed to assume 1 year as a guarantee period.)
In addition, liquid glass technology used for this glass coating is recognized as authorized material such as exterior of F company which is famous for sports car and the proud S trunk of Japan because of its high curing performance and water repellent.

Is It Okay if There are Scratches Before Applying Glass??

Dirty accessories are often accompanied by sebum and sweat as well as hard dust and other matter, and when wiped with a dry cloth they will be dragged on the surface of the coating and scratch the coating.
By applying a glass coating in our shop, it is possible to fill existing scratches with nano units, so minor scratches will not be noticeable.
The glass coating agent used in GLATION uses the same thing as the world-renowned F company as a high-class sports car, and the coating agent that major domestic carriers started selling too.
The solvent has strong water-repellent and hydrophilicity, so light washing with water will make oil stains be floated and make it possible to clean normally without damaging accessories.

What is different from protective glass film?

In the case of protective tempered glass, there are some stores where selling the film with hardness of 9H。Hardness of 9H makes it hard to break and there is a good possibility that the LCD will be protected when the iPhone be dropped.
On the other hand, it is not easy for general users to know which tempered glass is good, and many types of glass films are sold that only protect the liquid crystal part that does not cover the corners. If you actually drop the iPhone and break the screen, it will often drop from the corners of the screen, so the parts unrelated to the glass film will be impacted.
Then, it is hard to say that it is safe to put high glass film.
Glation recommends a full glass film, which covers to the corners. And in the case of tempered glass film, there are a lot of people said that if a glass film so thick that it loses some of the original smartness of the iPhone.
In the case of glass coating, once it is applied, the effects are more than 3 years, and the problem of peeling off the glass film is eliminated. And with a invisible film of glass coating, all these sensitive will be not affected.
Glass coating is same hardness as 9H with the highest hardness currently sold, but with the film is made by glass coating we will install glass until those corners, or install glass for whole of your phone if you require.
There are many users who think that glass film is better than coating because coating is hard to know, but for users who want to use it longer and use the thing importantly, we recommend glass coating. Also the strength is slightly harder than glass film.

What is the difference of glass coating between Glation with market or other stores?

The glass coating agent used in GLATION is the same thing as the world-renowned F company as a high-class sports car, and major domestic carriers started selling the coating agent too.
In addition, since it is also possible to purchase what is also used for the exterior of the S line recently, we always try to give to customers good things in the market. Of course, we can not sure the coating agent used by big companies is good, but there is no doubt that it can be more reliable than available coating agents in market.
In addition, glass coating agent from manufacturers all around the world can be selected to suit your. Some of our knowledgeable customers are also can tell us which manufacturers they want.
In addition, in GLATION , glass coating is usually be done by only once, and we can do triple coating in one work, so that you can get a higher quality.
By using triple coating, we can maintain better quality and stronger than other stores.

Can it charge wireless?

The latest smartphone of iPhone such as iPhoneX has the back is made of glass so glass coating on the back becomes very popular. So you do not need to worry about these problems such as your phone could be unable to charge wireless or charging becomes harder.
Glation's glass coating can increase the strength of the glass on the back, and you can safely charge it without worrying about affecting the wireless charging.