Good Points of Applying Glass for Belts

Carefully Applying Glass one by one!

Our service is applying nano glass coating which applied bulletproof glass technology.
The hardness of nano glass coating is three times stronger then normal high-grade tempered glass film, so it could be called “ painting glass”.
By applying glass coating, not only the screen becomes difficult to crack, but various effects can be obtained。

There are Eight Good Points of Applying Glass for Belts !

Rust Prevention (Oxidation Prevention)

Have you ever experienced darkening or rusting of the button part of belts or the metal part of the label? Metals will rust due to sweat, condensation or rain on the surface. Gold, platinum and silver is difficult to rust, but the components of human sweat is different, so can not make sure that things will not be rusted. Nano glass is liquid glass before application, the liquid enters the invisible small unevenness on the metal parts and hardens it to vitrify the surface。After applied, the metal parts not be in direct contact with oxygen and moisture, and rust can be prevented.

Gloss is UP

The nano glass is the liquid so they can enters form in the uneven gap on the surface, so the glossiness is increased by the surface.

Scratches Prevention

Before applied nano glass is liquid glass, it enters small invisible bumps on the metal part of the business card case and hardens it to make the surface of metal part more beautiful.

Water Repellent

One of the features of the glass coating is its high water repellent. By adhering to the fibers of the material together, it will lead to the prevention of aging and discoloration.

Antibacterial Effect

Install glass for business card case, it can helps the business card case have Anti-bacterial effect. It is effective against some of the malignant viruses that affect to human body. And coating is also included prevention from cracking.

Deodorizing Effect

It decomposes organic compounds, which are the source of odor due to the effect of titanium dioxide, into water and carbon dioxide. As a result, it is possible to take measures from the cause of the smell.

Color Change Prevention

By applying Glation's original super water repellent coating, liquid can not be kept on your bag. Even if acid rain, alcohol, detergent, etc. adhere, there is no possibility of discoloration or color unevenness, and it is possible to use important leather products in a long and beautiful state.

Rubbing Prevention

The nano glass penetrates into the inside of the fiber and material to make the fabric strong. Therefore, it will protect your favorite things for a long time.

About Price

Backle and Tongue 3,000円
Panel included 5,000円〜10,000円

What is Glass Coating?

There are Hermes, Bulgari, Armani, Paul Smith and other valuable belts. Belts could be dirty due to daily dirt and scratches. There are many parts where are not easy maintenance. But you want to use it cleanly for a long time but we did not have any protection to protect it. "
But now we have Glass Coating.
Glass coating achieves the industry's first coating by applying special liquid glass to the belt and curing it.
The glass coating dries in about 7 days after application and vitrifies the texture of the material.
The construction part will be in a state protected by the coating, and it will be difficult for the wallet to get wet or scratched.
Besides, there are various things such as discoloration, rust prevention and metal allergy prevention.
The construction time of the spray glass coating is kept for one day, and once it is constructed, it will last for more than one year, so it can be used for a long time.

How Glass Coating can Deodorize??

A visible light photocatalyst (= titanium oxide) is added.
By titanium oxide, when exposed to sunlight, fluorescent light, LEDs, etc., strong oxidizing power is created on the surface, and it decomposes and harms harmful organic substances such as harmful chemicals, environmental hormones, and viruses.
It will be the reverse of the photosynthesis of plants that primary school students have learned about.
By decomposing organic matter into harmless water and carbon dioxide, energy sources such as bacteria that cause offensive odor disappear and die.
By adding a photocatalytic effect, it is possible to make the bag more resistant to dirt and to be used daily in a clean condition.